Fleet of electric vehicles offered for use to help hospitals, vulnerable groups and the elderly

A fleet of electric vehicles (EV) has been offered, free of charge, by EV supply and installation company, SYMPHONY Electric Vehicles Zero Emissions for a Greener Future, for use by community groups, hospitals and charities to make deliveries of food and essential medical provisions.

The vehicles can be charged at one of the network of charge points across the region or by an ordinary domestic 13amp socket, making it easy to keep them operational during this time. In addition, councils across the Liverpool City Region have offered use of their depot charging points and, where possible, use of further vehicles if demand increases.

SYMPHONY also has secure storage at a number of sites across the City Region which it can make available if needed.

John Robinson, Managing Director of SYMPHONY EV-ZE said, “We have around thirty vehicles  currently stood down from usual day to day operation, so it makes sense to offer them to those organisations who need them. We would usually be installing and maintaining charge points at hospitals, hence we have H&S clearance to enter the sites, which should simplify things if we are called upon to help with deliveries.

“We are already working with a number of foodbanks, helping them to distribute to those in need, and we have capacity to do more. As community groups mobilise in the coming weeks, my offer is there for the vehicles to be used if they can make a difference.”

If you are interested in volunteering to help, or your organisation would like to apply for use of a vehicle, please email ze@symphonyev.co.uk giving a brief outline of your interest.

SYMPHONY EV-ZE Install St Catherine's NHS Hospital Charging Points

SYMPHONY EV-ZE Install St Catherine’s NHS Hospital Charging Points

We recently completed the installation of 4 new floor mounted fast, future proof charging points at St Catherine’s NHS Hospital, Wirral. The new Charging Points will be accessible to all visitors with two staff charging points and two for patients. This is a further step to improving the Electric Vehicle infrastructure in the Wirral area.

SYMPHONY EV-ZE talk to BBC Radio

SYMPHONY EV-ZE‘s John Robinson was recently interviewed on BBC Radio by presenter Roger Phillips about all things EV in the UK.

He discussed the recent announcement from the Prime Minister that the ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars is to be brought forward by 5 years to 2035, whether this is achievable and whether the charging infrastructure is prepared for the increase in Electric Vehicles.

He discussed the conversion of existing vehicles from combustion to electric, including our extensive work to convert black cabs to 100 Percent Electric Vehicles, extending their lifespan dramatically and the Government could do more to support to the EV industry at root levels, while creating new jobs in the process.

Click below to listen to the interview.

There was plenty of reaction to the interview and feedback from listeners, including the following email that BBC Radio received shortly after the show:

I was sent the link as we live down south to your conversation with the electric car company symphony and the gentleman John Robinson spoke more sense and gave me more information and understanding in ten minutes then any member of parliament or government has given the public in the last five years on the way forward to help reduce carbon emissions and also include saving our planet whilst generating jobs absolute genius and maybe

MR Robinson should be the UK’s spokes person for the environment and help the PM going forward to represent this country in the climate summit in November as a real person and company with the British pride in manufacturing and knowledge.

Thanks for your great show helping the real people to get an upstanding what’s going on in this great country of ours.