SYMPHONY EV-ZE help Zip World to go electric

To help preserve the beautiful Welsh countryside that is so vital to its operations, adventure experience company Zip World has started running an electric vehicle fleet.

Based in north Wales, the firm is best known for running Europe’s longest and the world’s fastest zip-line, with other aspects of the business including exploring caverns, racing on zip-lines, and tree-top safaris. With three locations in and around the Snowdonia National Park, minimising its impact on the environment is an important part of the firm’s ethos.

With that in mind, Zip World asked SYMPHONY EV-ZE  to supply 15 electric vehicles, made up of Nissan Leaf’s and e-NV200s. These are used to travel between the company’s three sites, saving money and producing zero-tailpipe emissions.

To make the most of the EV fleet, we also installed three fast charging points – 7-22 kW – two at the company’s FForest site, and one at the Titan location.

First - Fast EV Charging Points on the Wirral

First – Fast EV Charging Points on the Wirral

Wirral’s first ‘Fast EV Charging Points’ have been installed at Seacombe Space Port. 4 charging points have initially been installed, with more to follow within the Wirral & Merseyside area. The photo shows our very own SYMPHONY EV Nissan Leaf re-charging ready to lead the Giants around Liverpool.

The Local Sustainable Transport Fund

SYMPHONY EV & the Local Sustainable Transport Fund

In conjunction with Wirral Borough Council and the Department of Transport,SYMPHONY have been supplying local businesses with Giant conventionalPEDALSYMPH and ELECTROSYMPH Electric bicycles through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The bikes are offered to all staff to use for local deliveries and for cycling to and from work to reduce carbon emissions.

The photo above shows Intellitec, a local electrical systems manufacturer receiving their new Bikes directly from SYMPHONY.

First Residential Charging Point in Wirral

First Residential Charging Point in Wirral

SYMPHONY’S Electric Car Charging Solutions has fully Installed / Approved the first residential charging point, future proof system on the Wirral.

They have also supplied the electric car displayed in the photo on Contract Hire. The electric car has been supplied from the SYMPHONY ECOSYMPH range.