ELECTROSYMPH – Battersea Dogs & Cats Home – Adapter Approved

At SYMPHONY EV-ZE Research & Development team have once again developed a solution to an every day EV charging problem with the national network infrastructure both at home and work and across Europe. Our ELECTROSYMPH Adapter can now be used by Utility Vehicles to charge at any approved charging points, future proofing both the vehicles and the charging points simultaneously.

This will vastly improve productivity for vehicles such as Councils Electric Utility Vehicles – Street cleaners and EVs used at Hotels, Golf courses, Zoos, Theme-parks and gardens alike. It will also maximise the use of on road and at car parks charging points, allowing them to be used by the public during the day and by the commercial sector at night.

Peter Summerfield, project manager at¬†SYMPHONY EV-ZE¬†commented, “We strive to use our 35 years of Electric Vehicles and Charging Points development knowledge to provide all on road and off road Electric Vehicles, new and old, to have access to the technology of the future.

“With 100% Electric Vehicles, Zero Emissions for a Greener Future”