SYMPHONY EV ZE - Converting Black Cabs to 100 Percent Electric Vehicles

SYMPHONY Electric Vehicles Zero Emissions –
Converting Black Cabs to 100 Percent Electric Vehicles


SYMPHONY EV-ZE has developed and had fully approved a quality and environmentally friendly Retro Conversion Kit to convert fuel vehicles to electric.

The EV conversion technology can be applied to almost any vehicle, including trucks, vans, utility vehicles, even boats. The first step though was to convert traditional black cabs from traditional fuel to electric. The potential for this is huge, with thousands of black cabs in use across our major cities each of which can rack up hundreds of thousands of miles in a relatively short period, sometimes only 5 years, bringing the combustion engine to the end of its shelf life. The vehicle itself still has 15-20 years left in its body and electrics, demonstrating the potential for extending their shelf life through EV conversion.

For traditional black cabs, this ELECTROSYMPH recycling programme will have a massive impact on stopping combustion fuelled vehicles going to landfill. These converted electric vehicles will reduce carbon emissions to zero.

The 100% fully electric conversion prolongs the life of the traditional black cab taxi, which still have 20-25 years usable shelf-life it their body and electrics, once the combustion engine has reached it’s limit.

With RAPID SUPERFAST Charging, the vehicles can achieve 40 miles in less than 10 minutes or 100 miles in less than half an hour of charging, costing only £2 per 100 miles / £20 per 1000 miles, which equates £200 per 10,000 miles, with no road tax or congestion charge.

John Robinson from SYMPHONY EV-ZE feels that this could be a major breakthrough for the EV industry, “SYMPHONY’s ethos has always been, 100% Electric Vehicles, Zero Emissions for a Greener Future. Our overall ambition is to make Liverpool and the City Region one of the lowest carbon cities in Europe outside of London and this technology is another step to deliver this across the transport industry.”.


SYMPHONY EV - Fully approved by the DVLA for fuel to electric conversions

SYMPHONY EV – Fully approved by the DVLA for fuel to electric conversions

SYMPHONY EV are delighted to announce that our conversion retro kits are now fully approved by the DVLA for the conversion of every day cars, such as the Renault Clio, from fuel vehicles to 100% electric vehicles. Our fully approved electric conversions results in NIL rated car tax.

Along with our conversions, we provide approval documents stating…

SYMPHONY EV Research & Development of the ELECTROSYMPH Clio car has been fully converted from fuel to electric using a conversion retro kit and has been fully approved.”

“It has been professionally built by the highest end, qualified Automotive Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.”

“It has passed it’s M.O.T and meets all requirements and regulations.”

“As all of the vehicles in the SYMPHONY EV range, the Clio meets full approval from the Low Energy Emissions Transport Alliance (LEETA).”