Fleet of electric vehicles offered for use to help hospitals, vulnerable groups and the elderly

A fleet of electric vehicles (EV) has been offered, free of charge, by EV supply and installation company, SYMPHONY Electric Vehicles Zero Emissions for a Greener Future, for use by community groups, hospitals and charities to make deliveries of food and essential medical provisions.

The vehicles can be charged at one of the network of charge points across the region or by an ordinary domestic 13amp socket, making it easy to keep them operational during this time. In addition, councils across the Liverpool City Region have offered use of their depot charging points and, where possible, use of further vehicles if demand increases.

SYMPHONY also has secure storage at a number of sites across the City Region which it can make available if needed.

John Robinson, Managing Director of SYMPHONY EV-ZE said, “We have around thirty vehicles  currently stood down from usual day to day operation, so it makes sense to offer them to those organisations who need them. We would usually be installing and maintaining charge points at hospitals, hence we have H&S clearance to enter the sites, which should simplify things if we are called upon to help with deliveries.

“We are already working with a number of foodbanks, helping them to distribute to those in need, and we have capacity to do more. As community groups mobilise in the coming weeks, my offer is there for the vehicles to be used if they can make a difference.”

If you are interested in volunteering to help, or your organisation would like to apply for use of a vehicle, please email ze@symphonyev.co.uk giving a brief outline of your interest.

SYMPHONY EV-ZE Install St Catherine's NHS Hospital Charging Points

SYMPHONY EV-ZE Install St Catherine’s NHS Hospital Charging Points

We recently completed the installation of 4 new floor mounted fast, future proof charging points at St Catherine’s NHS Hospital, Wirral. The new Charging Points will be accessible to all visitors with two staff charging points and two for patients. This is a further step to improving the Electric Vehicle infrastructure in the Wirral area.

SYMPHONY EV-ZE talk to BBC Radio

SYMPHONY EV-ZE‘s John Robinson was recently interviewed on BBC Radio by presenter Roger Phillips about all things EV in the UK.

He discussed the recent announcement from the Prime Minister that the ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars is to be brought forward by 5 years to 2035, whether this is achievable and whether the charging infrastructure is prepared for the increase in Electric Vehicles.

He discussed the conversion of existing vehicles from combustion to electric, including our extensive work to convert black cabs to 100 Percent Electric Vehicles, extending their lifespan dramatically and the Government could do more to support to the EV industry at root levels, while creating new jobs in the process.

Click below to listen to the interview.

There was plenty of reaction to the interview and feedback from listeners, including the following email that BBC Radio received shortly after the show:

I was sent the link as we live down south to your conversation with the electric car company symphony and the gentleman John Robinson spoke more sense and gave me more information and understanding in ten minutes then any member of parliament or government has given the public in the last five years on the way forward to help reduce carbon emissions and also include saving our planet whilst generating jobs absolute genius and maybe

MR Robinson should be the UK’s spokes person for the environment and help the PM going forward to represent this country in the climate summit in November as a real person and company with the British pride in manufacturing and knowledge.

Thanks for your great show helping the real people to get an upstanding what’s going on in this great country of ours.

SYMPHONY EV ZE - Converting Black Cabs to 100 Percent Electric Vehicles

SYMPHONY Electric Vehicles Zero Emissions –
Converting Black Cabs to 100 Percent Electric Vehicles


SYMPHONY EV-ZE has developed and had fully approved a quality and environmentally friendly Retro Conversion Kit to convert fuel vehicles to electric.

The EV conversion technology can be applied to almost any vehicle, including trucks, vans, utility vehicles, even boats. The first step though was to convert traditional black cabs from traditional fuel to electric. The potential for this is huge, with thousands of black cabs in use across our major cities each of which can rack up hundreds of thousands of miles in a relatively short period, sometimes only 5 years, bringing the combustion engine to the end of its shelf life. The vehicle itself still has 15-20 years left in its body and electrics, demonstrating the potential for extending their shelf life through EV conversion.

For traditional black cabs, this ELECTROSYMPH recycling programme will have a massive impact on stopping combustion fuelled vehicles going to landfill. These converted electric vehicles will reduce carbon emissions to zero.

The 100% fully electric conversion prolongs the life of the traditional black cab taxi, which still have 20-25 years usable shelf-life it their body and electrics, once the combustion engine has reached it’s limit.

With RAPID SUPERFAST Charging, the vehicles can achieve 40 miles in less than 10 minutes or 100 miles in less than half an hour of charging, costing only £2 per 100 miles / £20 per 1000 miles, which equates £200 per 10,000 miles, with no road tax or congestion charge.

John Robinson from SYMPHONY EV-ZE feels that this could be a major breakthrough for the EV industry, “SYMPHONY’s ethos has always been, 100% Electric Vehicles, Zero Emissions for a Greener Future. Our overall ambition is to make Liverpool and the City Region one of the lowest carbon cities in Europe outside of London and this technology is another step to deliver this across the transport industry.”.


SYMPHONY EV-ZE Win Sovini Contract

SYMPHONY EV-ZE Win Sovini Contract

Electric vehicle and charge point suppliers SYMPHONY EV-ZE, have been successful in their bid to supply and install Electric Charging Points and Fleet Electric Vehicles to builders’ merchants Sovini Trade Supplies.

Northern Housing’s 2018 Supplier of the Year, Sovini Trade Supplies, have introduced Electric Vehicles to their fleet as part of their corporate social responsibility pledge. SYMPHONY EV-ZE installed the Charging Points at Sovini’s site at Aintree Racecourse Retail & Business Park for use by the company’s staff and visitors.

Plans are also underway to roll out the Charging Points and Electric Vehicle scheme at Sovini’s Ellesmere Port and Eccles stores.

The two Charging Points were funded through Merseytravel’s Workplace Charge Point programme’s latest Capital Grant scheme, which is designed to provide a boost to infrastructure and accessibility and to increase the number of Charging Points and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (EV) across the Liverpool City Region.

SYMPHONY EV-ZE supplied the 100% zero carbon emission, eNV200 Nissan Van to Sovini Trade Supplies, who are the first builders’ merchants in the City Region to introduce zero emission deliveries as part of their sustainable transport programme.

The introduction of Electric Vehicles to the fleet will represent a significant cost saving to the company alongside the added benefits to the environment. The 100% Electric Vehicles are road tax exempt and cost just £2.00 per 100 miles to run.

Alan Evans, Regional Operations Manager at Sovini Trade Supplies, said, “Sovini Trade Supplies is committed to implementing pioneering new methods to ensure our Corporate Social Responsibility is upheld. This year we decided to invest in Electric Vehicles which has not only provided benefits to the environment but also offers financial savings too. Following a successful bid to Merseytravel we are delighted to have worked in partnership with SYMPHONY Electric Vehicles to install Charging Points at our Aintree store. We are working to introduce more Electric Vehicles to our growing fleet in 2019.”

John Robinson, Director of SYMPHONY Electric Vehicles, added “It’s great to support Sovini Trade Supplies in their sustainable transport restructure, adding zero carbon emission vehicles to their growing fleet and installing Charging Points at their depot. More and more fleets are converting to 100% Electric Vehicles, this will help our overall ambition in making Liverpool one of the lowest carbon cities in Europe.”

SYMPHONY EV-ZE Deliver Arriva Project

Electric vehicle and charge point suppliers SYMPHONY EV-ZE, have just completed and delivered a new double RAPID Super Fast Charging infrastructure for ARRIVA at their Green Lane bus depot in Liverpool.

As part of the principle contractor team, award-winning SYMPHONY and Managing Director John Robinson provided full project management throughout the installation. This involved obtaining new build planning approval for the substation and compound, with SP Energy Networks, Schnieder Electrics linking the completed substation to the National Grid. SYMPHONY designed and developed the charging point units, based around the shape of a leaf to reflect their environmental credentials, which were then branded specifically for Arriva.

The new RAPID Charging infrastructure includes six of the highest end double Super-Fast RAPID Bus Charging Points which will power the fleet of 12 100% electric, zero emission Arriva buses.

SYMPHONY also partnered and worked alongside Merseytravel / BYD UK-China and Alexander-Dennis UK Bus on the project, making sure that the Battery Management System on this fleet of EV Buses could accept the full Super-Fast RAPID Charge.

The installation future proofed the entire Green Lane Bus Depot Site to ensure that it is able to accept another six RAPID Charging points and a further twelve electric buses in the near future, extending the fleet of 100% electric buses even further. The final part of the project was to developthe RAPID mobile Charging Point Unit to work on and off site as a back up charging option, allowing further flexibility for the fleet.

Howard Farrall, Arriva Merseyside Managing Director commented: “Arriva is constantly on the lookout for ways to trial new low-emission technologies, and so the new partnership with SYMPHONY EV-ZE is a great way to further contribute to our ‘Destination Green’ environmental goal, which includes ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions, conserve energy and invest in renewable sources. We’re confident and hopeful that this exciting new development will give us the capacity to continue expanding Arriva’s electric bus network across the region, and we’re looking forward to what the future holds with this new system in place.”

John Robinson said “As one of only five main approved suppliers of RAPID Charger installations in the UK we are experienced in  delivering charging point installations for councils, hospitals and train stations. This was our biggest challenge yet and I am very proud that it is another major step in helping Liverpool and the City Region become one of the lowest carbon cities in Europe.”





SYMPHONY EV-ZE Installs Fast EV Charging Points Across Liverpool City Region

SYMPHONY EV-ZE have installed 62 new electric vehicle charging units at key locations across the Liverpool City Region, improving infrastructure and accessibility for electric vehicle drivers.

The extensive electric vehicle charging point project has been delivered by SYMPHONY EV-ZE on behalf of Merseytravel, APT eVolt and OLEV. The charging units have been installed at public sites ranging from hospitals including Liverpool Women’s and The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, train stations including Birkenhead North and Newton Le Willows, Mount Pleasant multi storey car park in Liverpool city centre, Widnes’s Select Stadium and major local employer Jaguar Land Rover in Speke.

There have also been a number of fast, future proof charging points installed at private NHS sites and council fleet depots across the Wirral, Liverpool and Southport areas, funded via the Energy Saving Trust ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) Readiness Project and delivered by SYMPHONY EV-ZE.

John Robinson, managing director at SYMPHONY EV-ZE said, “My ambition has always been to help Liverpool and the City Region become one of the lowest carbon cities in Europe and this project, in partnership with Merseytravel, APT eVolt and OLEV, demonstrates another step to achieving this.

We pride ourselves on employing local people in our civil works and installation teams and strive to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, having recently developed the first British racing electric go carts and motor bikes, and our own British manufactured and fully approved electric vehicle charging points and adapter cables. We are also currently working with Arriva to install infrastructure for Super-Fast Rapid charging points for their 100% Electric Bus Project for the Liverpool City Region.

Stephen Leonard, Merseytravel Funding & Programme Development Team Leader added, “We have been very impressed with how SYMPHONY EV-ZE has worked with us to install a network of charge points, expanding the charging infrastructure across the Liverpool City Region and making it easier and more attractive for people to choose electric vehicles.

SYMPHONY EV-ZE help Zip World to go electric

To help preserve the beautiful Welsh countryside that is so vital to its operations, adventure experience company Zip World has started running an electric vehicle fleet.

Based in north Wales, the firm is best known for running Europe’s longest and the world’s fastest zip-line, with other aspects of the business including exploring caverns, racing on zip-lines, and tree-top safaris. With three locations in and around the Snowdonia National Park, minimising its impact on the environment is an important part of the firm’s ethos.

With that in mind, Zip World asked SYMPHONY EV-ZE  to supply 15 electric vehicles, made up of Nissan Leaf’s and e-NV200s. These are used to travel between the company’s three sites, saving money and producing zero-tailpipe emissions.

To make the most of the EV fleet, we also installed three fast charging points – 7-22 kW – two at the company’s FForest site, and one at the Titan location.

The charging adaptor that saved our Renault Twizy

AUTOCAR / WHATCAR – The charging adaptor that saved our Renault Twizy

SYMPHONY EV-ZE were proud to be featured on the AUTOCAR & WHATCAR websites recently in a piece by Rory White which stated that the SYMPHONY ELECTROSYMPH Adapter had “saved their Renault Twizy”.

Similar to many Twizzy owners, AUTOCAR / WHATCAR were left scratching their heads when it came to actually charging their shiny new car. Given the fact that they were charged via a 3-pin socket, it left them stumped when trying to charge the vehicle on the public infrastructure-standard Type 2 charging points.

As you’d expect, they turned to Google to find a solution and were delighted to find the British designed and developed SYMPHONY EV-ZE adapter, which works with a whole host of early 3-pin electric vehicles, not just the Twizy.

AUTOCAR / WHATCAR were equally as pleased with the ease of use, stating “There’s not a lot to it. You plug it in, the Twizy recognises the process has been activated and it begins whirring away like usual as it takes on charge.”.

In the article, Rory White went on to say, “The ELECTROSYMPH Adapter is a simple but effective solution, then, and it is good to hear company director John Robinson upbeat about the future of SYMPHONY EV-ZE. The company produces a wide range of EV charging cables and adaptors, all designed and produced in Britain. The next stage of its business plan is even more exciting, because it’s working on converting ancient London taxis from diesel to pure EV in search of lower urban emissions and maintaining the charm of such iconic transport. Watch this space.”

The SYMPHONY EV-ZE adaptor appears to be popular, too, because SYMPHONY EV-ZE reports that a large shipment has already made its way to Barcelona, where the Renault Twizy is a far more common sight thanks to the city’s warmer climate.

You can buy the SYMPHONY ELECTROSYMPH Adapter here.

You can view the original article on the AUTOCAR website here: http://www.autocar.co.uk/opinion/green-cars/charging-adaptor-saved-our-renault-twizy

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SYMPHONY EV-ZE Charging Worldwide

We are excited to announce that the ELECTROSYMPH Charging Adapter is now being widely used in mainland Europe and in the USA.

Our award winning adapter enables owners of any domestic socket vehicle to take advantage of the ever growing network of on-road charging points. The design was recently configured to work seamlessly with the Euro Schuko plug sockets and the American style two pin 120V plugs.

If it wasn’t for the domestic socket vehicles being launched 15 years ago, the EV market wouldn’t be where it is now. When the decision was made to remove domestic charging points from the UK road infrastructure concerns were raised that these vehicles, which started the EV revolution in the first place, would become obsolete. The SYMPHONY EV-ZE research and development team took it upon themselves to solve this massive problem and bridge the gap between domestic socket electric vehicles and the modern day EV charging network. We developed an adapter to convert the standard 3 pin 13amp plug to connect to all on-road charging points.

After its unrivaled success in the UK, the obvious next step was to open up this level of access to vehicle owners worldwide, which we are delighted to have now achieved.

The ELECTROSYMPH adapter can also be used by Utility Vehicles to charge at any approved charging points, as recently demonstrated at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. This not only maximises the usage of the charging points, with utility vehicles charging overnight and suppliers/customers charging throughout the day, but it future proofs these domestic socket vehicles that are widely used at hotels, zoos and themeparks, both at home and now abroad.

The ELECTROSYMPH adapter is also aiding the development of new EV technology, such as the ultra light 3 wheel SAM EV which is also fitted with domestic plugs as standard, making it easier than ever to charge from home whilst also utilising the charging point infrastructure.

You can buy the ELECTROSYMPH charging point adapter here.